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This is the perfect combination. A personalized outdoor sportschair with
table top and side caddy. This sports chair can be personalize with name,
favorite NFL team, saying, fraternity, etc. Our design consultants will work
with the purchase to embroider the chair back and caddy unique for the


Alos included in this bundle is a 6 pack beer carrier that can be
personalized with a name or favorite saying. Bring a 6-pack with you to
the next BBQ , tailgate, house party, etc.

Tailgate Bundle

SKU: 12345
Chair Color
  • Sportschair – black, red, navy, green, purple

    6 pack beer carrier – yellow, red, orange, olive, brown(Khaki), charcoal

  • This package includes personalization consultation with the Optimillon Designed 4U designer where you will have an opportunity to describe your overall design theme and interests.