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Pirate Girl
Celebrating the Spirit of the Women of
Hampton University!
I’m proud to call Hampton University my alma matter. Students and alumni of Hampton University fondly refer to the University as our “Home By the Sea”. It is truly one of the best Historically Black Colleges Universities (HBCU). I met and made my dearest friends and sorority sisters while attending Hampton University.

Out of my love for Hampton, I designed the Pink and Green Pirate. An updated Afrocentric “fly girl” for fellow Hamptonian Alpha Kappa Alpha ladies to show their pride.

And there are two other versions of the Pirate girl: a red and white and blue and white. Portion of Pirate Girl proceeds will be donated to Hampton University. This pirate girl design is totally embroidered and can be purchased on a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts so you can show your HBCU pride all year long.
Pink and Green Pirate Girl
Pirate Girl Pink_edited.jpg
The Hampton Blue Pirate Girl
Pirate Girl Blue_edited.jpg
The Red Pirate Girl
Pireate Girl Red_edited.jpg
Pink Short Sleeve T shirt (green sripe).jpg
Blue Short Sleeve T shirt (white stripe).jpg
white Short Sleeve T Shirt (red stripe).jpg
Red Short Sleeve Tshirt (white stripe).jpg
Green Long Sleeve Sweatshirt.jpg
kelly green tshirt.jpg
Front Blue Sweatshirt.jpg
Front blue short sleeve hoodie.jpg
Front Red Sweatshirt.jpg
Front red short sleeve hoodie.jpg

All Designs Available on Gray Hoodies!

Front light gray short sleeve hoodie.jpg
Front Gray Sweatshirt.jpg
A portion of Pirate Girl Apparel proceeds will be donated to Hampton University by OptiMillonDesign4U
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