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Whether on your honeymoon or headed to the beach, you will be stylish with this resort bundle!  Our Coronado basket tote serves dual purpose: as a purse and catch all beach bag. We pair it with our gorgeous Gretch Scott tunics. Wear the Gretchen Scott tunic as a beach coverup or top. Either way, when paried with the Coronado basket tote all eyes will be on you! The Coronado Basket tote has enough space for a water bottle, sun screen, book, headphones, snack, and more!  

The Resort Bundle

Coronado Bag
  • Tunic: 

    29 inch Length
    18 gauge tabby Silk
    V-Neck Slit Hand Stitched Detailing

    Dry clean or handwash / air dry


    Coronado Basket Tote:

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